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Kent Massie - PLA, ASLA


My career in landscape architecture and planning reflects my rural Midwest childhood and early interests in art and design.  I have always been fascinated by how things are built and function.  This interest combined with understandings of cultural aesthetics and natural systems led me to a conservation ethic early in my career. 


I have always admired Jens Jensen and his work glorifying the subtle beauty of the rapidly vanishing prairie landscape.  To be involved in the preservation of one of his landscapes, Lincoln Memorial Garden, has been an honor and remains an influence on how I approach design and promote conservation.


My love of travel and understanding how historical changes have occurred is important to me in appreciating our responsibility for stewardship of place in time.



Sue Massie - PLA, APA

I enjoy the broad variety of projects that has been our good fortune over the years to undertake.  From long-range planning for the future of communities, to design of custom features, each project has presented unique challenges and provided professional satisfactions.  Equally diverse and interesting are the people we work with - clients, colleagues, project team members, contractors and suppliers.  This work is my calling and this business is a great part of my life.    


Neil Brumleve - PLA, CPESC

Enjoyment of the natural environment and outdoor recreational activities has driven my interest in landscape architecture.  With a young family, we are often playing in parks, bike riding, hiking, and camping. 

Seeing people drawn to a landscape we designed and enjoying the environment gives me great satisfaction.  Observing how people use these spaces and learning from their interaction has helped me develop as a landscape architect. 


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