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Sue Massie is the president of Massie Massie & Associates and a principal planner and landscape architect.  She is trained in IDOT CCS approach to planning and coordinates public involvement using this and other methodologies.  Sue has a background in plant ecology and leads projects involving establishment, rehabilitation and management of natural areas.


Sue has the additional experience of developing and directing the Illinois program for reclamation of abandoned mine lands.  During this tenure, she worked with technical staff to devise techniques for managing mine subsidence, reclaiming mine spoils and refuse, and mitigating other detrimental effects from mining for coal, fluorspar, iron and aggregates.


Interstate 64 and IL Rte. 159 Interchange at Fairview Heights, IL. Sue developed plans to improve the function and visual distinction of this cloverleaf interchange and mile-long section of interstate east of St. Louis.  City staff and elected officials, commercial developers, property owners and businesspeople participated in development of the plan.  Patterns were created on the highway landscape using sustainable mixes of prairie plants and woody species.  Retaining walls along the highways are sculptural elements and lead motorists into the city.  This distinctive imagery will be further developed within the city, along streets and on private property.  


Spring Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant, Springfield, IL involved devising a master plan for this 80-acre site to 1) preserve natural areas where possible, 2) develop sustainable vegetative cover appropriate to the environment, and 3) minimize maintenance requirements.  Meandering waterways, prairie-vegetated swales and filters, and wetland surrounded containment basins were established.  Reforestation was done in lowland areas and extensive tree and shrub planting done to create habitats and screen the site from the surrounding roadways. 



Sue S. Massie, PLA

Principal Planner and Landscape Architect

Downtown Jacksonville Streetscape, Jacksonville, IL involved preparing a master plan for the downtown district with input from an ad hoc committee, stakeholders, and city officials. Two phases of construction followed, with MMA preparing detailed plans for a new streetscape along Main Street and for redevelopment of the downtown square park. Improvements include new sidewalks with special paving, street lights and pedestrian lights, fence and bollards, planting beds and street trees.


Union Square Park, Springfield, ILThis urban park is centrally located within the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum complex. Paved walkways and a central plaza serve as a gathering area for visitors and as a venue for special outdoor events.  A massive arbor and gazebo provide visual separation from surrounding streets, and have become a popular site for photographs.  Historic trees and the Mary Todd Lincoln Flower Garden embellish the site as do several noteable bronze sculptures.


Lincoln Log Cabin Site, Macon County, IL involved research and plans to reconstruct the Lincoln family’s log cabin at Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park.  An in-depth archaeology study was first done to find evidence of the Lincoln’s 1830 cabin.  Then, a history and master plan for the state park and the associated Lincoln National Memorial Highway was developed.  The plan involves restructuring existing use areas and facilities, developing a new interpretative station, and rehabilitating natural areas to achieve a sustainable environment, one that would have been present when the Lincolns were there.  


Marberry Arboretum, Carbondale, IL.  MMA prepared a Master Plan to develop this arboretum into a facility for environmental education.  The 25-acre site had been an experimental plantation of a professor 60 years earlier. The master plan includes areas for growing collections of various plant communities and highlighted species, a new visitors center with gardens, primary and secondary pathways through the arboretum, and gathering locations for interpretation and group events.


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