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Company Profile

MMA is a land planning and landscape architecture firm located in Springfield, IL.  In business since 1975, the firm's experienced planning and licensed landscape architects provide consulting services to individuals, corporations, foundations, and public agencies.  MMA is an Illinois certified WBE/MBE.



MMA assignments typically involve preparing Comprehensive Plans for long-term, area-wide programs, Master Plans for large phased development projects, and Project Design and Construction-Phase Services for construction and individual projects.  The firm 1) works closely with clients to define goals and develop the best solutions possible, 2) facilitates public meetings and other means of participation, and 3) prepares written and graphic materials for project visioning and documentation.  MMA advocates sustainable design and explores with clients the opportunities for environmentally-conscious site design that can eliminate unnecessary consumption, reduce development expenses, and contribute to an attractive landscape.







Commercial & Corporate Centers ... city centers, urban redevelopments, corporate campuses, retail districts, and business enhancements.

Educational Facilities ... university and college campuses, elementary and secondary school sites, pre-school and early education centers.

Institutions ... hospitals, medical centers, institutes, churches, and cemeteries.

Nature Areas ...  nature study sites, wetlands, water ways, conservations areas.

Urban Design & Streetscape ... downtown districts, urban plazas, highway corridors, airport facilities, mine and quarry operations.

Recreational Sites ... parks, trails, sports facilities and arenas, golf courses, greenways, arboretums, camps, historic sites, natural areas. 

Residential & Retirement Developments ... retirement developments, subdivisions, neighborhood redevelopments, historic properties. 




Our work melds client needs with site characteristics and environmental stewardship to create plans that are aesthetically exciting, environmentally sound and economically feasible. 

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