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Neil Brumleve, manages design projects including parks, schools, churches and commercial facilities.  Neil is certified in erosion and sedimentation control and has a background in computer-generated graphics.  He manages computer graphics and technical document production.    


Griswold Conservation Area, Macon County Conservation District involved converting existing recreational facilities into a conservation area utilizing best management practices and sustainable design.  A baseball diamond and associated structures were demolished and a parking lot was re-configured.  Surface drainage was directed into bioswales and detention areas.  Solar-powered LED lights replaced electric lights.  On the glacial kame an overlook was built with interpretative signs and star-gazing facilities.  Trails and service roads were streamlined, and the construction debris generated was reused or recycled.   


Entrance Enhancement at Lincoln Memorial Garden, Springfield, IL.  The visitor parking area of this National Register site was paved with unit pavers set on a special base to allow infiltration of surface water.  The walkway entrance was widened and improved to accommodate the large number of visitors visiting the site and people with disabilities.  Historic style lighting and new signs were installed and native plants were added.


Garden Hills Elementary School, Champaign, IL involved collaborating with the school’s curriculum manager to identify possible programmed outdoor activities and the site improvements needed for support.  An outdoor art display/activity center, amphitheater for class gatherings, and student gardens were included.  Additionally a new school entrance, courtyard and other site improvements were designed.  Sustainable materials and design were utilized including bioswales with native prairie plants to collect run-off and woody species selected for their bird habitat and fruiting qualities.   Recycled permeable pavers, recycled glass aggregate planters, a rainwater harvesting tank, composting areas, and recycling containers were used.  The project was awarded a LEED silver designation.

Neil F. Brumleve, PLA, CPESC

Planner and Landscape Architect

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Springfield, IL.  MMA developed concept plans then construction documents for the extensive renovation of this city landmark.  Its traditional Italian architecture was reflected into the new plan for the grounds.  Walls and fences around the site were removed to create a more open and welcoming appearance.  New terraces and courtyards were designed for outdoor gatherings.  Low walls, walkways, steps and ramps were added for improved pedestrian circulation.  Native plants were selected for low maintenance and seasonal interest.


Sangamon River: Lincoln Heritage Water Trail Macon, Sangamon and Menard Counties, IL.  MMA is preparing a study for recreational opportunities along a 65 mile section of the Sangamon River from Lincoln Trail Homestead Park to Lincoln's New Salem Historic Site.  The character and recreational opportunities of the route are being assessed.  Recommendations for improving access, support services, and opportunities for associated private facilities are being developed.  The public is involved throughout the process.  The goal is to establish the route as a Department of Interior designated National Water Trail. 


Revitalization Plan for Downtown Lincoln, IL involved working with a team of specialized professionals to develop a long-range plan for improving the historic downtown of this county seat.  MMA services involved developing layout plans for restructured sidewalks and street rights-of-way, two downtown parks, and the courthouse grounds.  Improvements were aimed at solving circulation and access limitations caused largely by downtown grade changes.  Highlighting the historic qualities of the city and establishing a unified image of the city are major components of the project.


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